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Featured Sponsor's Training Opportunity: Citizens Bank

  • May 03, 2021
  • May 28, 2021

Join us for free professional development sessions that outline everything from important resources, mindfulness training, and best practices on advising students and their families. Citizens SessionsTM was developed to provide quick and convenient ways to learn, all without leaving the office or your home office.


CLICK HERE to register for our complimentary webinar sessions:

May 4th - Tuesday               12 pm EST           RFI to PLA and Everything in Between

Learn the process and best practices to create an RFI and leverage the value of a preferred lender list.


May 6th -  Thursday              3 pm EST            Guide for New Financial Aid Professionals

Learn the tools and resources to utilize in your day-to-day functions as a Financial Aid Administrator.


May 11th -Tuesday               12 pm EST         Understanding Private Loan Refinancing

Prepare for the factors to consider before refinancing your student loans, and how to best evaluate the options.


May 13th -Thursday              3 pm EST           Financing the Gap

Help students and their families as they navigate their financing options after savings, scholarships, and grants have been exhausted.


May 18th-Tuesday               12 pm EST           Delivering an Exceptional Customer Experience

Create positive impressions by understanding the importance of customer service and improving skills to deal with difficult scenarios.


May 20th-Thursday              3 pm EST              Resilience

Strengthen your inner resolve and ability to bounce back better than ever regardless of the circumstances.


 May 25th-Tuesday               12 pm EST          Student Loan Repayment Basics and Options

Plan for the reality of repaying student loans with this overview of both federal and private student loan repayment, consolidation, and refinance options.


May 27th - Thursday              3 pm EST           Understanding Credit and Private Student Loan Underwriting

Provide guidance with insight into the impact of credit and considerations to help reduce the cost of education.


Best regards for your safety and health,

Michelle Enriquez

VP, Relationship Manager


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