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Training Opportunities

SWASFAA exists to enhance your professional development. We offer many different opportunities throughout the year to network with others and learn best practices for administering aid. Your membership will give you access to webinars, our listserv and the ability to sign up for in person trainings such as Boot Camp and our Annual conference.

What is Boot Camp?

Boot Camp is a two and a half day training that gathers together new aid officers to be taught by seasoned staff. Topics of training include student eligibility, federal methodology, Pell, loans and campus based programs. Find out more about costs and how to sign up for Boot Camp.

What goes on at our Annual Conference?

The SWASFAA Annual Conference is held each year in November and gives an opportunity for aid administrators from across the region to network and learn. In addition to best practice and nuts and bolts sessions, Federal Student Aid Trainers and NASFAA Leadership attend to give trainings and updates. Find out more about this year's Annual Conference.

What is a FAAC Workshop?

FAAC Workshops are NASFAA Authorized events for those seeking to become a Certified Financial Aid Administrator®Participants will use a suite of workshop materials already prepared for you by a team of practicing financial aid administrators who hold the FAAC® designation. Participants will leave the workshop with greater confidence in their own readiness and knowledge of what to expect when they take the exam. Find out more about FAAC Workshops.

What is a Leadership & Management Institute?

The SWASFAA Management Institute is geared towards senior-level financial aid administrators, generally defined as someone at a director, associate director, coordinator, or other senior leadership level in the financial aid office.  This workshop is not your traditional “conference.”  The days are designed to provide facilitated group work following each of the presentations, allowing an opportunity for attendees to work in groups, discuss the presented materials, and develop a list of takeaways and/or action items that can be used at their institution. Find out more about costs and how to sign up.

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