2021 SWASFAA Virtual Boot Camp

When looking at someone wearing a mask, many features are hidden from view.  Do you feel like financial aid details and facts are somewhat hidden behind a mask?  Are you so new to financial aid, you are still trying to figure out which way is up?   Have you been in financial aid long enough to know some of the basic concepts, but still feel over whelmed?  If you can answer YES to any of these questions, you are in the right place.

Program Session Presentations

FA Programs and Financial Need| Video | PPT

Application Processing | Video | PPT

Policies and Procedures | Video | PPT

Student Eligibility | Video | PPT

How FA Works Well with Others | Video | PPT

Counseling Students | Video | PPT

FA Resources & Changes Since the Pandemic | Video | PPT

Verification & PJ | Video | PPT

For questions about Boot Camp, contact Chair Denise Welch at dwelch@panola.edu

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