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Who We Are

We exist to enhance the professional development of financial aid administrators.

SWASFAA Board of Directors- Executive Leadership

Audra Main, President

Ben Montecillo, Past-President

Elizabeth Amador, President-Elect

Eddie Salazar, Secretary

Cindy Perez, Treasurer

SWASFAA Board of Directors- State Presidents & Delegates

Marla Bush, ASFAAA President
Erin Wooldridge, Arkansas Delegate at Large

Sharmain Lazard-Talbert, LASFAA President
Brad Meyers, Louisiana Delegate at Large

Elizabeth Amador, NMASFAA President

Andrea Jimenez, New Mexico Delegate at Large

Neesha Herring, OASFAA President
Shannon Taylor, Oklahoma Delegate at Large

Denise Welch, TASFAA President
Melet Leafgreen, Texas Delegate at Large

SWASFAA 2024 Committees and Chairs

Awards - Ben Montecillo, Chair

Annual Conference - Jennifer Williams, Chair

Local Arrangements - Eri Wooldridge, Chair

Boot Camp - LaTora Green, Chair

Corporate Sponsorship - Michelle Enriquez, Chair

Diversity Awareness - To Be Determined

Electronic Initiatives & Archives - Shannon Crossland, Chair

Finance - D Ingram, Chair

Long Range Planning - Elizabeth Amadar, Chair

Membership - Lauren Jackson & Shala LaTorraca, Co-Chairs

Nominations and Elections - Ben Montecillo, Chair

Site Selection - Tricia Dubroc, Chair

Professional Development & Training - Amy Cable & Brad Meyers, Co-Chairs

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